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John & Julie F. Lindner - 01/01/00 00:01:56
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Hello from your nephew. Really enjoyed your page, please tell everyone hello for me. Happy New Year Love Jay Julie & Family

Julie Jordan Scott - 12/20/99 04:32:42
My URL:http://www.5passions.com
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i love this concept of "the plantation"...I hope my daughters will have such fond memories when they grow up... thanks for inviting me! (I came from the Women's Webring)

Lauren Rongo - 10/04/99 13:59:16
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HI!! ENJOYED the plantation!! NICE site. Come visit us!!

visitor - 08/27/99 14:30:57

Nice job... I'll be back

jane palik - 07/27/99 03:38:07
My Email:jane@jpalik.com

Hi. My husband and I are moving to Germany (southern) soon. Loved your dad's drawings. Is your family from the Black Forest area?

virginia - 07/09/99 02:10:00
My Email:daytrpr23@aol.com

Just me again. Great background stuff. VA

The Crones - 06/19/99 22:41:45
My Email:Lucky3168@aol.com

That's some fantastic writing! I hear the Richmond Times Dispatch has an opening for a current events reporter. You'd be great! I'll be checking back later.

The Crones - 06/19/99 22:38:07


Edward Kleiner - 06/15/99 15:08:59
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Hi Maryann I just surfed via a guestbook & came to your site. I like it a lot. You have a super great site. First of all I like the photo of your house & I can tell by that photo and assume you live on a Plantation. I do like your Plantation News Story es ecially the Lost In Space. I guess you named it after your Lost In Space series that I am so fond of. I have the new Lost In Space Movie too. I like your Family Tree and your links also. So please come on down to my Website and tell me the things you like on it & sign my guestbook. Thank You Very Much. Sincerely Edward Kleiner

mel - 06/14/99 17:38:10
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This is a great site!

Harriet and Bert Chamberlain - 06/04/99 19:45:16
My Email:mrmrsc2@aol.com

How wonderful to see the members of your family Mary Ann. I wish I could set up a page. Maybe in time we will become adept at this. Thanks for treating us to the pictures, the postcards, and the poetry. Love, Harriet

Underdog - 05/15/99 16:16:12

There's no need to fear, underdog is here.

Ricky Allen - 05/15/99 15:10:34
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The webmaster - 05/14/99 04:12:35

Very nicely done!

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