This lovely tinted series of early 20th Century postcards depicts stanzas of an old German folk song. I have included a rough translation.


A postcard with verse DEEP IN THE BOHEMIAN WOODS

There, deep in the Bohemian Woods,
My homeland lies.
It has been a long time
Since I've been gone from there.
Nontheless, memory indeed
Remains with me constantly;
So that I can never forget
Those Bohemian Woods.
postcard with 2nd verse It was in the Bohemian Woods
That my cradle stood.
In those beautiful green
Bohemian Woods.
postcard with 3rd verse O lovely childhood,
Return once more.
There I was easily
My happiest.
postcard with 4th verse When I stood in the green meadows
At my father's house,
And gazed far away
Toward my Fatherland.
postcard with 5th verse Just one more time, O Lord,
Let me see my homeland.
The beautiful Bohemian Woods,
The valleys and the heights.
postcard with 6th verse Then I'd gladly go back
And call out with joy,
"Take care of yourself, Bohemian Woods.
I'll stay at home."

- translation by mary ann allen, 1998 -


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