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A picture of our home

Nestled among the wooded acre and 1/2 of stately oaks, hickories and poplars, sits the old Allen Homestead. There, on this dead end street where life was anything but boring, Mom and Dad raised their five sons.

As our sons grew up and established homes of their own, they wanted to rename the old home place where they had spent their childhood years. One of our sons began to call our home, "The Plantation" and that nickname caught on like wildfire among the rest of the clan.

Since the brothers could not always be together, Mom and Dad decided to start publishing a family newsletter which was appropriately named "THE PLANTATION NEWS" . This newsletter consisted of reports of family events gathered by Mom and Dad with frequent contributions by the sons and extended family members.

This section contains the cyberspace extension of "THE PLANTATION NEWS" where you can view some of its more memorable articles. Enjoy!

Bill Allen

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