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prayer card

       What you are looking at is a fragile German prayer card from the late 19th or early 20th century. Cards like these were purchased by devout tourists visiting the many religious pilgrimage places that dotted the countryside in predominently Catholic Bavaria.

       In those days it was a common sight to see groups of travelers entering churches built to honor particular saints or to commemorate a site where miracles were believed to have occurred.

       In some of these churches rows upon rows of canes, crutches and other abandoned articles surrounded the altars. These had been left by pilgrims who believed they had been cured of their ailments. Quite an impressive sight...

       Below is the card unfolded.

prayer card

       This particular card was from the "Church of the Vierzehnheiligen" or "The Fourteen Saints" and contained prayers and a greeting ... "From the pilgrimage's distant ways, I bring you salvation and blessings."

       I have included several more examples of these exquisite prayer cards on the following pages. Even non-believers can appreciate their beauty.

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