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Picture of pizza-makers


        Beginning in January, Mom decided to keep track of her dinner menus. By digging through her humongous pile of recipes, she came up with some tasty morsels to try. They became her day to day selections for a weekly menu of culinary delights.

       The Plantation family, which during this period consisted of 6 extra family members who had returned home to Virginia from other states, was flabbergasted at the assortment of choices she made available and soon the daily group of hungry diners clamored for their favorite meals. At the same time, her co-chefs also concocted memorable meals for the family, for everyone pitched in to help out.

       Examples of the mouthwatering dishes that originated in the Allen kitchen included:

       "Southern fried" baked steak
       Billy's rigatoni delight
       2-step beef goulash, and
       Jimmy's "Martin Luther's Diet of Worms"!

       There were also "ethnic dishes" like

       Yankee meatballs with sour cream gravy
       Rouladen and boiled potatoes
       Lasagna with Italian sausage
       Beef carbonnade, and

       Down-home favorites were not forgotten and were represented by

       BBQ, and
       Grandaddily's Friday-nite pizza.

       Dessert time was always a big hit when supper concluded with

       Strawberry streusel cake
       Rice pudding
       Jello cheese cake
       Lemon meringue pie, or
       Dump cake!

       When interviewed about his wife's latest activities, Dad noted that despite the unusual dining variety, everybody seemed to have survived Mom's latest culinary foray with no ill effects!

- The Plantation News, May 22, 1994 -

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