Introducing My Dad

fritz         My father, Fritz Lindner, was born in 1899 in a small German town in northeastern Bavaria. His parents were hardworking innkeepers who established a successful business and eventually built their own establishment which quickly became a favorite place for excellent food and drink, as well as a welcome spot for good conversation and Bavarian "Gemütlichkeit". My grandfather was a Metzgermeister - a Master of his trade. As a young woman, my grandmother attended cooking school in Vienna and became an expert in Viennese-style cuisine. Nine sons and daughters lived to grow up. My father was the second son.
        Fritz was not a professional writer or artist. In fact, he was also a "Master of the Trade" in the honorable profession of butcher and sausage-maker just like his father before him. He was trained from an early age to succeed his father in the family business. My father showed early artistic talent and even had childhood dreams of becoming an architect, but those dreams had to be laid aside because of the economic realities of those days in his family.

        At that time, if the oldest son showed any intellectual abilities, he was university bound; the second son was then expected to take over the family business. And thus it was for my father. All the other sons of the family except the youngest, were also trained in this field. The youngest son was then able to receive a university education.

        Many hands were needed to keep the Gasthof functioning and so the daughters of the family were also expected to do their share in the "Laden" or meat shop, in the kitchen and in the inn. In addition, there were apprentices, maid servants and other hired hands to make certain the guests in the restaurant and inn were well taken care of.

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