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A bar featuring birds


       Rumor has it that Jimmy will be coming home sometime this summer for a week or so! The Plantation is gearing up for a major welcome! Work has already begun on a spectacular indoor fireworks display that will activate when he appears!!

       The TV and wire services have been alerted and Donohue, Oprah, Geraldo and William F. Buckley have all agreed to devote major portions of their TV programs to live coverage.

       When Ross Perot was notified, he immediately cancelled all his future talk show appearances so as to leave space on the airwaves for adequate updates on this fast-breaking news story!

- The Plantation News, July 2, 1992 -

A bar featuring birds


       Won't be long now!! Jimmy arrives on July 22nd for a couple week's visit to the Plantation and greater Mechanicsville. His plans also include short trips down to Jacksonville and Emerald Isle before returning to the West Coast on August 3rd.

       His United flight 3010 out of Dulles arrives at Byrd Airport at 6:19 p.m., in case any of the brothers intend to be at the airport to help officials roll out the red carpet. The President has sent his regrets but we are hiring bodyguards from Elvis' old contingent, nontheless, for we expect an excess of fans to turn out to greet this notorious "son of Mechanicsville".

- The Plantation News, July 12, 1992 -

A bar featuring birds


       Fireworks lit the sky last evening (thunderstorm) as Jimmy's plane touched down and Mechanicsville's most famous son stepped through the door into the arms of his adoring public and his proud family.

        The Chairman of the Hangover Board of Supervisors was on hand to deliver a welcoming speech and to present Jimmy with the ceremonial key to the county. Miss Black Creek Tomato Festival draped a lei made of tomato blossoms around his shoulders. Jimmy accepted these enthusiastic tributes with his usual speechlessness, but managed to grin sheepishly as he knelt down on the tarmac to kiss the good ole Virginia dirt!

       There was a minor altercation among his fans as to whom would go the privilege of transporting the celebrity to the Allen Plantation. However, it was quickly resolved as security guards used laughing gas and a garden hose to disperse the excited crowd. Ricky quickly took command of Jimmy's luggage and swiftly transported it to the Plantation, generously allowing his parents to drive Jimmy home in air-conditioned comfort.

       The lengthy motorcade was met at the Spring Meadows traffic light by the Hunter Drive Marching Band. Jimmy marvelled at the crowds lining the streets. These people seemed to be his old newspaper customers clamoring for a chance to pat him on the back or to complain about current delivery services.

       David met the throng at the Plantation door with Nannie not far behind. Jimmy had hardly settled down in the living room when the phone rang and Billy's rousing welcome resounded through the phone lines from Jacksonville. Unfortunately the noise level at the Plantation was so overwhelming that the conversation had to be a short one but not without promises of a more lengthy one later and plans to be in Jacksonville soon.

        Several notables staffed the Plantation during the evening. Dance music was graciously provided by Public Enemy and Alexander's Ragtime Band. Iced T acted as emcee. Julia Child was on hand to cater to everyone's culinary needs as she demonstrated Mom's latest feeble recipe attempts.

       As the evening wore on, David and Ricky said their goodbyes, noting employment responsibilities. After Mom finally went to bed about 1:30 a.m., Dad and Jimmy partied on til the wee hours.

       You can tell everyone was happy to have Jimmy home again!

- The Plantation News, July 23, 1992 -

A bar featuring birds


       Drooping banners still hung along Hunter Drive, but cobwebs and overgrown grass and weeds now cover the Plantation where only a couple weeks ago, throngs of wellwishers congregated to welcome home everybody's favorite paperboy, Mechanicsville's own, Jimmy Allen.

       For twelve fun-filled and exciting days, Jimmy was able to spend time with all his brothers, as well as his parents and Nannie. The matronly one fixed several specially requested meals for the returning son, including spotzen, schweinebraten, candied ham slices, BBQ, velvet crumb cake and creamed chicken.

       The fatherly one regaled Jimmy with countless disks filled with exceptional programs. He had been saving them for just this occasion.

       On his day off, David collected Jimmy and transported him to Ashland where he hosted Jimmy's stay in the new trailer. Jimmy was enthralled with David's collections and the all-purpose Krippe; as well as the many books and other knicknacks in the Davidmuseum.

       Jimmy fit right in with Ricky and his theater friends after he attended the show at "Cinema & Drafthouse" and partied afterwards. He also sandwiched in an afternoon of tramping the woods with Ricky to check out the topographical features around Beaverdam Creek.

       A hightlight of his return home was a memorable trip to Billy's camper in North Carolina. There he finally met Elaine, Bizzie, Ashley and little Billy. He and Elaine hit it off right away and though Billy had to hit the sack early, Jimmy and Elaine caught up on years of conversation by staying up all night to talk.

       Life at the Plantation is slowly returning to its old course.

- The Plantation News, August 14, 1992 -

A bar featuring birds

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