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       The Plantation's one and only Baron von Rick-Allen took a step into the past a few weeks ago and returned to Bealeton, Virginia to view its famous weekly airshow. Twenty years ago, as a mere child, he had joined his parents and brothers in an excursion to see the WWI-style aerial dogfights and comedy show at the airfield near Bealeton. The rest of his childhood was spent yearning for the day when he would be able to return and plunk down his money for a ride in one of the ancient stunt planes.

       Years passed. The child grew up but the dream continued to lurk in the back of his brain. Finally, with 30 extra dollars in his pocket, Ricky announced to the world that the time had come.

       Quickly, he leapt into his trusty vehicle, put it in gear and headed north. The airshow was almost exactly as he had remembered it twenty years before. Even the tipsy Count Bogie the Fogie, who had previously enthralled the crowd with his invisible dog, was still there entertaining the air show audience.

       And then, the moment of truth arrived. Mentally donning his WWI flying gear, Ricky nonchalantly adjusted his goggles and flinging his long white silk scarf around his neck, he stepped into the open cockpit of the ancient bi-plane and signalled to his pilot that he was ready to go.

       He was taken aback for a moment when he realized he was entrusting his life to a 62-year- old woman pilot! But his concerns quickly disappeared when he noticed that this was no ordinary Frilly-Tilly who was ferrying him through the sky. This woman was a daredevil and soon had the plane spinning earthward! She had recognized immediately that her passenger was actually a relic of a bygone era, so she gave him a ride he would never forget!

       The rest is history! Ricky's long-time dream of being a WWI flying ace had finally been fulfilled!

- The Plantation News, August 13, 1995 -

A squiggly line

* This graphic was scanned from the June 1996 issue of Reminisce Extra.

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