One of my favorite stories is this comical incident involving the family dog...

       "Once we had a big black poodle named Pilo, who had a thick coat of fur. His favorite activity was to claw open the wasp nests in the garden fence to steal the honeycombs. These nests were underground in holes with tiny openings. When he dug around with his paws, the angry insects swarmed around him but they couldn't sting him because his fur was too thick. He loved the sweet stuff like a bear cherishes wild honey.
Children jumping in the hay        One day a traveling dog-clipper came and Pilo was relieved of his coat of mail. He was as bald as a bell's clapper. It was the middle of July, the hottest time of the year. His nakedness probably gave him great pleasure because he jumped around like a deer. When he passed a nice wasphole he couldn't resist announcing his presence. You can imagine what happened. He was so badly nailed by the wasps that he jumped around like he was crazy and rolled around on the grass! One of the apprentices who happened to be nearby spilled a pail of cold water on him which probably relieved his pain, because he sped over to the nearby laundry house where M~~~~ had just put her white sheets in a big tub to soak. Pilo saw the tempting water and dunked himself right into the middle of it! M~~~~, who could usually tolerate the dog but not the apprentices who generally had the dirtiest clothes to be washed, maintained that the apprentice had turned the dog into an evildoer even though he swore it wasn't so!" *

       Can't you just picture this hilarious moment?

Illustrations by Fritz Simon Lindner (1899-1969)
* MEMORIES OF MY LIFE by Fritz Simon Lindner (1899-1969).
Translation by Mary Ann Lindner Allen.

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