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Ricky's album cover

        Ricky's long-awaited premiere album has finally reached his adoring public. RICKY AND THE LITHOPEOPLE , a composite of Ricky's own compositions and works in collaboration has already skyrocketed to the top of Hunter Drive and Fan charts.

       The album showcases Ricky's unbelievable talents as songwriter, poet, musician and technowhiz who left his mark on every aspect of the creative process that saw this dream become a reality.

       Ricky's early work is represented in a collaborative effort with Kevin Johnson and the late Greg Shipp. Greg remains the earliest inspiration for Ricky's interest in music.

       The listener will be enchanted by such whimsical offerings as "A Happy Hippie" and "She's a Salt Shaker", as well as haunted by the forgetable strains of "VLOBMSHVEH".

       "Beat Poem", Ricky's tour de force, takes one to the outer limits of sanity. It achieved instant notoriety as backup music for a portion of Shadowcast Theatre Works' production of "Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll". This instrumental requires an open mind; for to listen appreciatively, one must surmount one's innate sense of order.

       From an inauspicious beginning, the music disintegrates brilliantly into chaos. "It is Ricky's finest work to date," state local pundits who are comparing it favorably to Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring" which caused such an uproar at its first performance in Paris many years ago.

       Ricky's fans will not be satisfied with only this one example of his multi-faceted talent and will predictably clamor for more in the near future.

- The Plantation News, January 13, 1992 -

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