dad at the computer


       Dad heaved and tugged; Mom pushed and shoved, until finally the enormously long and slender box slithered across the hall into Dad's computer-haven. Dad, in his role as "master-builder", was prepared! The scene was electric! This was "david-furniture"! Out came the tools! Anticipation was etched on their faces as Mom and Dad ripped open the box to expose the array of parts that would soon be turned into Dad's new computer center. No more makeshift table! No more computer books and parts scattered around the room! This would be the "real thing"!!

       Having done her part in transporting the huge 200-pound box from Dad's car to its final resting place, Mom exited the scene. Then with eyes glinting with glee, Dad loosed a maniacal giggle and contemplated his next move. Finally, after checking the moon to make sure it was in the correct phase and that all the other celestial signs and portents pointed to a favorable outcome, Dad began to assemble the myriad parts. Each piece of wood, each screw and each nut was put into a separate pile.

       For hours and hours and hours, Dad worked. As he lifted and moved and put each screw and nut into its proper place, a recognizable piece of furniture slowly began to emerge. Unable now to stop, Dad ignored the protests of his aging body and continued to work until at last, his computer center was completed!

       The news spread rapidly throughout the Plantation's environs. One and all came to view Dad's handiwork. Blackie made a cursory tour, sniffed around and prepared to mark this furniture as hers; but Dad spotted the telltale movement and quickly booted her airborne! Mom grinned proudly at her husband's talented work and immediately began to scheme of a way to appropriate one of the file drawers for her genealogy stuff. Even Nannie made a trip down the stairs to see what all the commotion was about.

       But alas, the next day arrived all too soon for our industrious Dad. His every muscle, every bone and every nerve ached. It didn't take Dad long to figure out that his body wasn't 20 years old any longer. Though he moaned and groaned his way around the Plantation for a couple of days, his enthusiasm for his new computer work station was undiminished. Thus, even though he momentarily felt like a broken man, Dad could now hardly be dragged away from his refurbished computer heaven where he continued to reign supreme!

- The Plantation News -
May 1995

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