a large bird


       Now that Ricky has finally gotten his Fan District apartment to himself once more, he can begin enjoying the two zebras that have taken up residence in the bird cage he recently purchased.

       Yes indeed, after months of dreaming about winged creatures, Ricky finally broke down and bought a lovey-dovey pair of zebra finches to complement a growing menagerie that includes a cat named Arwen Galadriel and a tank of mainly nameless fish.

       Ricky has already made grandiose plans for creating an entire flock of finches to re-populate the Fan and his zebras are cooperating by doing their thing - often in full view of Ricky's guests, much to the chagrin of our gallant man-about-town. Naturally, as a newly-adoptive parent, Ricky would like his fine-feathered "children" to make an unforgetable impression; though not necessarily in such a conspicuous manner.

       The buzz around the neighborhood has it that the Fan fiefdom's finch project is in full swing and Ricky is pregnant with hope that soon there will be more itty-bitty birdies in that bird cage!

- The Plantation News -
April 1995

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