face of fear


       Ricky's birds have died! Out of nowhere, a deadly breeze infiltrated the birdcage. One morning, Ricky found "the male one" huddled in its nest, rigor-mortising. Its mate followed suit a few days later. The apartment was silenced and draped in mourning. Ricky carefully buried his feathered friends in the trash can and vowed not to rest until he could buy another pair of birds to take their place.

       But first of all, the birdcage was sterilized, fumigated, de-bugged and refurnished for the new tenants. Ricky went to his favorite pet shop and selected a likely pair who were soon chirping away in their new home.

       Several days later, Ricky noticed some peculiar goings-on in the cage and soon an egg appeared in the birdcage's nest. Ricky was overjoyed to discover that he was going to become a grandfather! His avian tenants, in turn, were so grateful to be part of the Fan fiefdom that soon, two more eggs appeared!

       By now, Ricky had become so entranced at the mere thought of grandfatherhood that he could often be heard chirping away with his birds, rapidly learning the avian language so that he could cater to their every whim. So far no plans have been made to film the egg-hatching, but Ricky was open for offers for major film rights and TV coverage of this live event!

- The Plantation News -
September 1995

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